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Let me tell you a story...
In 1992 I was in the library of my new school, and it was the biggest library I’d ever seen (at the seasoned age of twelve). I was seeking comfort, having moved to a school where I now had 5 times as many classmates as I’d ever had before, a massive number of potential tormentors. As I moved among the stacks, considering old favorites and new discoveries, a book tucked away on a lower shelf caught my eye. It was not a large book, or even terribly brightly colored, so I couldn’t even tell you what about it drew my attention, until I drew it from its shelf: it was an instructional book on self-hypnosis to improve your life. Hypnosis? Like I had seen the magicians do on TV, only on my self? I didn’t see at the time how it could be possible; the hypnotized people I had seen were able to do amazing things using only the power of the mind, and they were able to change in an instant. That one book began a lifelong passion for personal development and exploration of the mind. I came to share that passion with my students when they began coming to me for help with their problems, when they could find help nowhere else in their lives. This was a struggle I identified with only too well, and that fueled my desire to help as many people as I can reach.

Throughout my life, it seems that everything I’ve done contributes to my work as a coach. From my lifelong love of stories, I appreciate the power of perspective, and how transformative the process of changing a narrative can be. From my years as a teacher, I forge a deepening understanding of how we learn, and how to turn that powerful ability to design your ideal futures. From my adventures as an artist, I become aware of the many creative ways an idea can be both expressed and interpreted. From my exploration of rhetoric and language, I discover the tools and equipment for the alchemy of changework and influence.

As a mindset coach, I believe that you have all the resources you need already inside of you, and you have simply lost track or fallen out of rapport with your parts. I specialize in guiding clients to reconnect to that inner wealth and empower you to change yourself. I consider coaching an art form, and for that reason, I never stop learning more and striving to enhance my skills. My approach uses a variety of techniques and practices so that I can tailor a custom strategy for each individual client. Some of the tools I use to catalyze change are hypnosis, mindfulness, ego state therapy, Gestalt dialogue, EFT, NLP, mindscaping, Hypnotic DreamworkTM, and storytelling.

Trainings and Qualifications
Certified Professional Hypnotist, International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists
Clinical Hypnotherapist, American Council Hypnotist Examiners
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Regression Specialist, Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Certified Consulting Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists
Mindscaping, Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy
Mindful Educator Essentials, Mindful Schools
Mindfulness Fundamentals, Mindful Schools
Certified Hypnotherapist, American Council Hypnotist Examiners
Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Training Institute
Master Hypnotist, Hypnotherapy Training Institute