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Tom stood on the corner transfixed by the tiger that stood looking at him.  He hardly dared to breathe.  As he stared into the golden eyes he could feel his heart pounding in terror.  His buddy Joe suddenly yelled "Hey, watch this!" and proceeded to climb on the tiger's back!  "NO! Joe, what are you doing?" Tom called out, horrified of what was surely about to happen to Joe.

Joe laughed "Get a pic!"  What? The bewildered look on Tom's face spoke for him.  Joe repeated, "Come on Tom, I can't stand here all day like this, get a pic!"

Tom moved over to the side as he reluctantly reached for his phone and in that small movement he realized that the "tiger" was only a drawing on the sidewalk.  From the angle he had first seen it, it looked SO real.  Now it became a bit distorted as he looked at it from another point.  As he continued closer to Joe, it became even more distorted and he started laughing.  He was laughing at what had racked his body with terror only moments before!

Isn't it funny how a small change in perception can create such a difference? 

What chalk drawings are holding you back by looking real to you today?  How many other ways are there to look at them to check they aren't just distorted images that only seem real?

Tom's tiger SEEMED so REAL but it was only a drawing on a sidewalk, and nobody is scared of a sidewalk!